We are a small family of 2 two-legged and 4 four- legged who live in Aurskog, a short distance outside of Oslo, Norway.

We are Thomas and Kristin, and our loved ones are Dame Fortunas Adino and Exgate`s Xtra Precious Empress, and our ca 5 years and 1 year old cats Tigergutt and Cleopatra.

After having been abandoned whit his siblings, Tigergutt suddenly appeared on our front porch. He had apparently decided that he would move in with us. Cleopatra we have collected from a animal shelter.

Thomas has long been wanting a dog. We spent a long time to find out which race, from where and who.

But is delighted that we ended up with Adino, and have not regretted it for one second.

We have this summer expanded our family. We are so lucky to be families for Exgate`s Xtra Precious Empress, owned by Hege Dufseth Kennel Exgate.