Adino is our super sweet Rhodesian Ridgeback. His full name is Dame Fortunas Adino, son of NVCH Shangazas Dame Fortuna and NUCH Exgate`s Unique Simba by Nelvis. He's from Kennel Dame Fortunas on Ildseng..

We picked Adino up,19 mai 2010. We were very excited and could not wait to get him home. The little puppie had already reached 26,5 pounds when we was to get him, and of course he was the world's most beautiful dog ;)

Adino quickly became friends with our cat, Tigergutt..

Walking and running in the forest is super fun.. And of course, play with dog pals. Adino is also on display in between, in addition to train obedience and tracking.

Adino do well all the tricks he can, for some food :)

Adino started on his first course only a few weeks after he moved to us. It was a beginners course, at Romerike Dog school. After that he has attended to, 1 human tracking course whit Mona Hansen. 1 andvanced course at Romerike Dog school, 1 (blood) tracking course and one course for RR's.

And now we are going to train obedience and agility.

Adino did his first character test 7 okt 2012, with very good results.(passing grade) Link to the video here.